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Stress is something we all experience at some point in our lives. For some it becomes unmanageable.

By sharing our stories or those of our friends or family members we can raise awareness so that those not able to cope on their own might feel they have a path to a better tomorrow.

How it Works


How does this work? Let members of your team share their stories via the form on this site. Print out the stories or a summary of each snippet on a sheet of paper and tack it to a communal wall over the course of a week.

Encourage the team to stick a ‘hug’ (stickers will be provided!) on a snippet that resonates with them or catches their attention. At the end of the week discuss the most popular themes. Raise awareness and use this as a prompt for further discussions.

We want to take the concept of A Better Tomorrow and build a range of products that tackle mental health issues and offer practical ways to help people realise a better tomorrow.


Use the form on this site to describe in a sentence or two how you or your friends or family members might have experienced stress. How did it affect you? Were you able to help those going through a situation?


Look at other people’s stories. Think what they may have been going through or how they tried to help. Take a moment or two if you can to pause for thought.


Just by taking a few moments to cast your eyes over these stories or even provide one yourself means you’re helping and supporting the initiative. If you like, put a hug sticker on a story that impacted you in anyway.

Tell Us Your Story

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Read Other People’s Stories

The smallest things

When I’m stressed or tired, I always obsess over the smallest things and I assume I’m not good enough. I’ve learned the hard ways over the years that sometimes it’s not real and I just need to take a rest. It’s easy to forget and beat myself up.

Paralysed by anxiety

A few days ago, I became almost completely paralysed by anxiety. I was at work and found it impossible to engage with anything or anyone. It may have been stress-related but it felt more physical than anything. The next day I was fine but I feel like it could come back anytime.

My life

I worry that I’m not getting the most out of my life, especially when I look and compare it to what others are doing on social media.

Family stuff

My mother in law was forced to leave her job. She was the only one who had a paycheque in the house, and because they are caring for her mother with dementia, is struggling to get another job because she is so stressed about her caring duties she keeps blowing the interviews.

Family issues

Over recent years my siblings and I have come to realise that our Mother is a compulsive liar. It’s not her fault, she’s the product of parents who couldn’t express love or help her build any self-esteem. She is totally incapable of change and any attempt to address is met with what we term “the wall”. I am so grateful for my siblings (and therapy) because they bear witness, it’s very difficult for anyone else to understand how difficult it is to deal with.

My Family

I’m completely estranged from my family. It means that most of the time I’m fine but if things get stressful I’ve sometimes got no one to turn to which can make me sad.


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